Dr. Pradeep Bakshi

14 May 2024 - 14 May 2024

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Day 1
  14 May 2024
 10:30 AM - 04:30 PM IST


From understanding the fundamentals of Twin Screw Compounding to mastering the manufacturing processes. It is designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive knowledge of Twin Screw Compounding Technology and its practical applications.

What Will
You Learn?

  • Fundamentals of the Compounding Process which are important to understand and control the process efficiently.
  • Dispersive and Distributive Mixing within the Extruder
  • Concepts of Shear Rate, Torque and Specific Energy
  • Basic Design Concepts of Twin Screw Extruders and how they affect the actual Process. Concepts of Free Volume Ratio and Specific Torque
  • Detailed discussion of various Processes happening inside the Extruder. Methods of ensuring proper functioning and suggestions to improve them.
  • Illustrations and importance of different types of Screw Elements and their role in process and product quality
  • Basics of Screw Design and how it impacts the Process and Quality. Practical illustrations and discussion on how to optimize the design
  • Process Optimization examples and discussion on underlying principles. Tips & Tricks to run a stable, predictable process and to ensure Quality of the product.
  • Various applications of Twin Screw Extruders for compounding of different types of materials. Focus is on Compounding of Engineering Plastics.
  • Examples of Latest Developments in Twin Screw Extruders design and a couple of actual examples of new processes developed to process difficult materials.

Who this
course is for!

  • Researchers & Development Professionals in the Polymer Industry
  • Quality Control Professionals
  • Production Managers & Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Graduate Students & Researchers

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Dr. Pradeep Bakshi

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Dr. Pradeep Bakshi is a renowned expert in plastics compounding technology, plant management, and new product introduction. With extensive experience spanning decades, he has led numerous successful projects, including grass-roots initiatives and cap...

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