Dr. Pradeep Bakshi

Dr. Pradeep Bakshi is a renowned expert in plastics compounding technology, plant management, and new product introduction. With extensive experience spanning decades, he has led numerous successful projects, including grass-roots initiatives and capacity expansions.

At TIPCO and GE Plastics India, Dr. Bakshi demonstrated exceptional leadership in project management, plant layout, and process optimization. His roles included overseeing green-field site development, automation implementation, and formulation management.

As Vice-President of Technology at GE Plastics India, he spearheaded new product introductions and implemented quality systems, earning recognition for his contributions to Six Sigma and ISO standards.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Bakshi is actively involved in public service, particularly in emergency communications during natural disasters. 

With a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and certifications in plastics technology, Dr. Bakshi continues to inspire through his expertise & leadership.