Dr. Ajay D Padsalgikar

Dr. Ajay graduated with a degree in Polymer Engineering from the University of Poona, India in 1990.  He then completed a PhD from Clemson University, SC, USA in 1996.  In the field of polyurethanes, Ajay has over 20 years of experience.  He has worked at different companies, Huntsman Polyurethanes in Belgium, AorTech Biomaterials in Australia, Abbott Labs in Minnesota and DSM Biomedical in Pennsylvania.  Ajay has been involved with different aspects of polyurethane chemistry, morphology, and processing for medical devices.

Dr. Ajay joined Biolinq Inc., San Diego, California, as a Technical Director in July 2022, where he is working on a range of material solutions for biosensors in medical devices.

Dr. Ajay has more than 30 published scientific papers and 10 patents.  He has also authored two books, ‘Plastics in Medical Devices for Cardiovascular Applications’ and ‘Applications of Polyurethanes in Medical Devices’ published by Elsevier.