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The lecture aims to provide an introduction to surface coating, highlighting its importance in enhancing the durability, aesthetics, and marketability of various materials. It will begin by exploring different categories of coatings, offering a comprehensive understanding of their diverse applications. Subsequently, the lecture will delve into the essential properties required for achieving high-quality coatings. This aspect involves a discussion of the properties of the base material and the coating material. We will briefly explore the important properties that both materials need to possess in order to fulfil their respective roles. Examples of these properties include adhesion, cohesion, surface energy, and wetting angle, which will be explained using everyday scenarios. The world we live in today is heavily influenced by coatings in every industry and sector. In the second session, we will delve into the role of coating materials across various sectors, after gaining an understanding of the factors that influence the coating phenomenon and the necessary properties of the bonding surfaces. During the initial part of this session, we will discuss the classification of paints in order to provide a clear overview of which paint category is used in specific sectors. Following this, we will explore the diverse applications of coatings in various sectors, including construction, marine, automotive, and nuclear science. By gaining insights into the properties and applications of coatings across different fields, we will then delve into the various optical, mechanical, chemical, and physical tests conducted to assess the durability, strength, and longevity of the coating layer. This final session will provide detailed explanations of tests such as Pencil hardness, Glossiness, Adhesion, and Coating thickness.

What Will
You Learn?

  • An overview of the various coating materials used and their various properties and the factors governing them.
  • An overview of the various grades of paint and how they marked as suitable for diversified sectors.
  • Gaining knowledge of the unique properties being shown by various grades of paint and a brief knowledge about their manufacturing.
  • An understanding of the mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical and physical tests that are conducted on the coating materials.
  • An exposure to some of the testing methods with detailed explanation of each of the testing processes.

Who this
course is for!

  • Quality Control Executives: Professionals working in quality Control roles within the paint industry or related fields can benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of paint materials and their properties
  • Researchers and Academicians: Individuals involved in research or academic work in the field of materials science, specifically related to automotive, marine, or civil engineering, can enhance their knowledge of paints by taking this course.
  • Students pursuing degrees in engineering or materials science: Undergraduate or graduate students who are studying Engineering or materials science can supplement their studies. with this course if they have an interest in the paint industry. It can provide them with a specialized understanding of paint materials and their applications

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  • Part 1

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  • Part 1

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Ms.Aastha Dutta
B.Sc Tech (Plastics), Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai ME (Chemical), B.A.M.U, Aurangabad

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Ms. Aastha Dutta is currently working as an Assistant Professor with Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Aurangabad. She specializes in teaching varied polymer science topics including Applied Science, Biopolymers, Organic Chemistry...

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