Polymer Additives and Compounding Part 1: Fundamentals of Polymer Additives

This course provides an insight into the broad topic of polymer additives use, their need, and the way they are incorporated into the polymer compound formulations.

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The global plastic additives market is projected to grow from $51.04 billion in 2021 to $75.20 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.7% in forecast period, 2021-2028. The market growth is a virtue of increase in the polymer usage for applications that they weren’t used in the past. They have been increasingly used in automotive, packaging, electrical and electronics, pharmaceutical and agriculture industry. Although polymers are high molecular weight materials, they have chemical reaction properties similar to those of small molecules. It means that a range of different factors, including thermal conditions, stress cracking, or the diffusion of chemical additives, can alter the molecular structure of a polymer, which in turn has an effect on the fundamental properties, of most polymeric materials. Also, not every material has properties similar to the intended end use.

Dr. Prashant Gupta
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What Will
You Learn?

  • Various additives used in polymers and their functional use.
  • Various fillers, their origin and their classification.
  • Stabilizers, colorants and process aids used for polymer modification.
  • Classification of additives based on various categories.
  • Characteristics of additives in polymers added to achieve the desired properties in the final material/compound.

Who this
course is for!

  • Any aspiring technologist who wants to enter the polymer compounding industry.
  • Quality Control/ Quality Assurance/R & D technicians from the compounding industry (associated industries)
  • Marketing/Sales executives inclusive of dealers and distributors who would want to gain a competitive edge over other suppliers in convincing their customers with technical knowhow about the additives/polymers that they do business in.
  • All levels of management (first line, middle and top) for personnel involved in some technical role in polymer compounding industry.
  • Purchase department personnel enabling them for suitable buying of additives/pigment/master batches/raw materials.
  • Purchase department personnel enabling them the knowledge of the process to aid buying of raw materials.

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Dr. Prashant Gupta
Ph.D. (Tech) Polymer Engineering & Technology

Visiting Faculty/ Trainer
Polymerupdate Academy

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Dr. Prashant Gupta is working as an Assistant Professor in the Plastic and Polymer Engineering Department at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He has completed his Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering & Technology, Post Graduate D

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