Prof. Dr. D D Kale
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This course focuses on basic properties of plastics, brief introduction to various polymers and their making, compounding, masterbatches, various polymer processing techniques, additives & testing.

What Will
You Learn?

  • Plastics industry is growing very rapidly and personnel from different disciplines such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering/Technology, Mechanical Engineering & Commerce & Management Studies. These may not have formal education in plastics technology.
  • Basic knowledge of plastics and processing will help them to understand many aspects of this industry.
  • This course covers basic properties of polymers such as glass transition temperature, thermoplastic and thermoset, solubility etc.
  • It also discusses the briefly properties of commonly used plastics. The plastic products are made by different processing techniques such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, 3-D printing etc. The basic operational features of these discussed have been discussed.
  • While making products many additives are used. Hence commonly used additives and compounding have been discussed.

Who this
course is for!

  • Personnel associated with Plastics industry who may not have formal education in plastics technology.
  • Individuals seeking to expand their knowledge base about plastics and polymers.
  • Entrepreneurs venturing into the field of plastics products & processing.
  • Individuals in middle management cadre, sales & marketing, R&D, product development, proprietors or anyone who wants to brush up overview of plastics.
  • Those working at different levels in plastics and polymer related industries such as packaging, plastics processing and formulation.

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Prof. Dr. D D Kale
B. Tech., M. Chem. Engg., Ph. D.

Honorary Chancellor
Polymerupdate Academy

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Professor D. D. Kale is an Honorary Chancellor at the Polymerupdate Academy. He is a Chemical Engineer. He obtained his Ph. D. from the University of Salford, UK. He has a teaching experience over last 40 years. He retired from University of Mumbai’s...

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